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 Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop

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Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop Empty
PostSubject: Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop   Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop Icon_minitimeThu Jun 28, 2007 8:14 am

Here’s a tutorial on how you can apply charcoal drawing effect to your photos using Photoshop

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop Charcoal-drawing-photoshop

Step 1. Open your image in photoshop (ctrl-o). I’ll be using this beautiful bride photo by papaleguas.

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop 01

Step 2. Add new layer (Shift+ctrl+N), let’s name this layer ‘paper’ and fill this layer with the desired color of your charcoal paper. Mine is #c5b88f

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop 02

Step 3. Copy the background layer, place it on top of the stack of layers, then apply ‘glowing edges effect’ (filter > stylize > Glowing Edges Filter). Experiment with the sliders in the dialoque box to your taste.

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop 03

Step 4. Now invert this layer (image > adjustments > invert) and make it b&w (image > adjustments > desaturate) to create black and white drawing

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop 04

Step 5. Set the blending mode of that drawing layer to multiply. Here’s what you should come up to..

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop 05

Step 6. Copy your background layer, desaturate it (image > adjustments > desaturate) and place it on the top of your layer stack, and add some noise to this layer. (filter > noise > add noise > monochromatic & gaussian). Set the opacity to 75%

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop 06

Step 7. Add a layer mask on that layer (layer > layer masks > hide all), select the charcoal large smear brush and paint with white on the mask to reveal the charcoal specks.

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop 07

Step 8. Select the layer mask, and apply motion blur (filter > blur > motion blur). Still on the same layer mask, apply crosshatch brush strokes (filter > brush strokes > crosshatch)

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop 08

Step 9. Select the paper layer, and fill it with pattern (new fill layer > pattern). You can choose any pattern you like. I just chose the charcoal flecks pattern. Then change the layer blending mode to multiply

Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop 09

Step 10. Copy your color layer, and place it on top of the stack of layers, change the layer blend mode to ‘color’ and from here you can add a curve adjustment layer to increase the contrast, play with the color balance and so on.. Here’s my final result;
Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop Charcoal-drawing-photoshop
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Charcoal Drawing in Photoshop
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